Game 43 Statcap: Tampa Bay Lightning @ Winnipeg Jets

Note: We’re posting data and scoring chance analysis from each of 2012-2013 season’s games after the fact as practice for next season, when we’ll provide an even more robust breakdown of each match.

I tracked the final scoring chance count to 13-11 in favor of the Lightning as they stormed back in this one to force overtime and a shootout before eventually losing.

24 total scoring chances in an NHL game is a bit on the low side, as both teams struggled to generate consistent, dangerous offense in the opposition’s zone. A lot of time was spent by both teams trying and failing to lead breakouts or transition plays through the neutral zone, and the chance count here reflects that.

The Lightning lately have been containing the bottom-6 of other teams particularly well, bottling up the secondary scoring and forcing the top-6 for other teams to beat them. Fortunately for Winnipeg, the Jets did just that, as Andrew Ladd potted a pair of goals in the eventual 4-3 win. The fourth line for Winnipeg was outright atrocious, however, failing to record even a single scoring chance for while any of James Wright (a former Tampa Bay Lightning draft pick and prospect), Aaron Gagnon, or Chris Thorburn were on the ice.

The player that stands out for the Bolts here is, once again, Victor Hedman, who is quietly having a terrific season. Despite his 24:32 of ice time at even strength — a lot of it against the top-6 for Winnipeg — Hedman was on the ice for but a single scoring chance against at even strength. He finished a stellar +6/-1 in even strength scoring chance differential to lead all players in the game.

Game Summaries


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Scoring Chances

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Game Totals


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Skaters- Production

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Skaters- Usage

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5v5 Stats

Ice Time

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Scoring Chances

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Shot Attempts

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Zone Entries

Tampa Bay’s zone entries for the 2012-2013 season have yet to be tracked.

Zone Exits

Tampa Bay’s zone exits for the 2012-2013 season have yet to be tracked.

Deserving acknowledgement are Josh Weissbock (for authoring the application used to track scoring chances), Time on Ice (for making shot attempt and zone start data accessible via script), Nice Time on Ice (for providing the link to run the scripts) and the National Hockey League (for all other data).

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