Game 44 Statcap: Tampa Bay Lightning @ Montreal Canadiens

Note: We’re posting data and scoring chance analysis from each of 2012-2013 season’s games after the fact as practice for next season, when we’ll provide an even more robust breakdown of each match.

This game was the first I tracked scoring chances for. I made some recording errors that skewed some players’ numbers but, we caught them getting the data in for this post and they have since been corrected. Fortunately, I got better (and continue to do so) with each game.

Scoring chances overall were 22-19 in favor of Tampa Bay. Some things that stood out to me — the Crombeen-Tyrell-Labrie line for Tampa Bay finished a combined +14/-8 at even-strength for scoring chances, which, at first blush, seems really high for fourth liners (it was erroneous, the data’s been corrected) but the trio, Crombeen and Labrie in particular, did have a really active game, taking the play to Montreal even as the game was “close”. They even managing few shorthanded scoring chances. At this point in the season, the bottom-6 for Tampa Bay was been playing really well.

In my game recap for Lightning 101, I noted that Victor Hedman had an awesome game. He was a plus in both major possession stats  by a healthy margin, had two assists, four shots on goal, and according to this record, was +10/-7 in scoring chances at even strength, which is really good especially when you consider his usage (deployed against the top-6). It all takes on more meaning when you consider how good Montreal has been this season under Michel Therrien, bouncing back from their last place finish in the Eastern Conference a season ago.

Game Summaries


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Scoring Chances

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Game Totals


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Skaters- Production

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Skaters- Usage

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5v5 Stats

Ice Time

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Scoring Chances

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Shot Attempts

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Zone Entries

Tampa Bay’s zone entries for the 2012-2013 season have yet to be tracked.

Zone Exits

Tampa Bay’s zone exits for the 2012-2013 season have yet to be tracked.

Deserving acknowledgement are Josh Weissbock (for authoring the application used to track scoring chances), Time on Ice (for making shot attempt and zone start data accessible via script), Nice Time on Ice (for providing the link to run the scripts) and the National Hockey League (for all other data).

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