End-to-End Rush: Keep Calm and Digest These Links


Fresh on the heels of Olympic orientation camp announcements, experiencing deja vu with Anthony Weiner’s mayoral campaign and trying to avoid the onslaught of royal baby coverage, here’s our sample of good reads from the past week:

  • Our own Kyle Alexander kicked off our series data-driven profiles for newly-acquired players with a substantive look at past performance and reasonable expectations for Valtteri Filppula.
  • Tyler Dellow gave a brief taste of how he’s using video, particularly to see systematic approaches to situational play, to enhance his analysis – MC79Hockey
  • Andrew Berkshire continued his ‘Fancy Stat Summer School’ series with a look at “relative” statistics – Habs Eyes on the Prize
  • Having taken the time to track the entire playoffs, Corey Sznajder revealed the zone entry data he tabulated (we’re pretty sure he’ll never have to buy another beer) – Shutdown Line
  • Taylor Wright mused on the persistent divide between proponents and opponents of analytics and the common notion one can get by just by watching games – Maple Leafs Hot Stove
  • J.P. produced a treatise on the revelatory but, for many, still-murky PDO metric (with very spiffy graphics!) – Japers Rink
  • With the LA Kings as the exemplar, Adam Gretz reflected on the growing role of analytics and, in particular, the premium some teams are placing on possession metrics – Eye on Hockey
  • Cam Charron, in a smart piece built on an anecdote, excerpts and data, laid out the basis for trusting “the signal” of shot-based metrics over “the noise” of goal-based ones – Backhand Shelf
  • Richard Whittall, a soccer (er, football) writer, noted interesting connections in the ideas behind some of the analytic work in hockey and the sport he covers – Counter Attack

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