End-to-End Rush: A Midsummer Revenge of the Nerds (on other Nerds)


It’s the dog days of summer and we’ve made some headway on a couple pieces but they still aren’t finished. Following up last week’s inaugural link dump, though, here’s our latest installment of good reads:

  • Rob Vollman, with technical assistance from Robb Tufts, unveiled a data visualization that provides a league-wide breakdown of the different components of team luck – Hockey Abstract
  • Eric Tulsky explained how certain hockey skills are undervalued and how teams can take advantage (i.e. a “Moneypuck” approach to roster construction) – Broad Street Hockey
  • Stephen Burtch identified and gave a detailed explanation of the most significant in-season statistics for any given team – Pension Plan Puppets
  • Corey Sznajder took time to list four key thoughts on the current state and usage of hockey analytics – Shutdown Line
  • Patrick D. continued his series on league-wide special teams by analyzing the key drivers of special teams success – Fear the Fin
  • Andrew Berkshire provided a clearly-written and succinct primer on the “Corsi” metric for the first lesson in his brand-new “Fancy Stats Summer School” series – Habs Eyes on the Prize
  • David Johnson took up the torch for standardizing the names of metrics used in hockey analytics – Hockey Analysis
  • Johnson regrouped after a Twitter dust-up between proponents of and opponents to ditching the eponymous names for various stats – Hockey Analysis
  • Cam Charron dug in against this push to rename certain statistics – NHL Numbers

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